D. Bruce Means

President and Executive Director
Coastal Plains Institute and Land Conservancy

Adjunct Professor
Department of Biological Science
Florida State University
Tallahassee, Florida, USA

Presentation Title: “Biodiversity of the Southeastern U.S. Coastal Plain”

D. Bruce Means

Dr. D. Bruce Means

Ecologist Bruce Means obtained his PhD from Florida State University in 1975 studying the ecology of the Florida panhandle. A past director of Tall Timbers Research Station (1976-1984), he has served as executive director of the Coastal Plains Institute and Land Conservancy since 1984 and is an adjunct professor in the Department of Biological Science at Florida State University, a position he has held since 1976.

Means is a field ecologist with 50 years’ experience, and his main research interests center on fire ecology, ecosystems of the southeastern United States, longleaf pine ecosystems, ecology of South American tepuis, biogeography, pond ecology, amphibians and reptiles, and rare and endangered species. He has published four books and 270 scientific research papers, contract reports, and popular articles that have appeared in Natural History, National Geographic, International Wildlife, National Wildlife, BBC Wildlife, South American Explorer and other natural history magazines. He is coauthor of Priceless Florida, Natural Ecosystems and Native Species, a book with more than 800 color photographs of Florida’s natural treasures. He has co-produced and starred in numerous documentary films for National Geographic Explorer, BBC Television, and PBS.

His most exciting recent research is the discovery of an unrecognized biodiversity hotspot on unexplored mesas called tepuis in South America, where he has found eight frogs (including a new family), giant earthworms, and freshwater crabs new to science.

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