Tribute to Dr. Wilson

Alabama’s Biodiversity: Inspiring a New Century of Discovery

Alabama Citizens Pay Tribute to Dr. Edward O. Wilson
Wednesday, April 23, 2014, 7:00 p.m.
Concert Hall, Moody Music Building
The University of Alabama

Citizens from across the state will gather for an evening of storytelling and sharing discoveries about Alabama’s natural world to honor internationally recognized naturalist and biodiversity expert Dr. Edward O. Wilson. The tribute is part of Edward O. Wilson Week at The University of Alabama, April 21-25, 2014. The event is presented by more than 20 Alabama conservation and biodiversity organizations and The University of Alabama’s College of Arts and Sciences.

“Frog callers, butterfly experts, and naturalists who have discovered plants and animals found no where else but in Alabama will share their experiences and expertise in this fun-filled and information-packed night to honor our good friend and Alabama native son Dr. Edward O. Wilson,” said Pat Byington of Wild South, a sponsor of the event.

“Wilson is well known for his passions for promoting and protecting Alabama’s impressive biodiversity and in supporting Alabama’s future scientists. Indeed, he frequently returns to his home state for field work and explorations. Our speakers will include both professional researchers and lay naturalists who will focus on those two passions and how they have given them a greater appreciation of Alabama’s natural environment,” Byington said.

Speakers will include renowned naturalist Bill Finch, author of “Longleaf — As Far as the Eye Can See,” and Dr. Bernie Kuhajda, a former University of Alabama professor and an aquatic conservation biologist at the Tennessee Aquarium, among other Alabama scientists, educators, and naturalists. The evening will also feature the presentation of a special gift to Wilson from the children of Alabama.


This event is open to the public. Tickets are available in advance from and may also be purchased at the box office the night of the event. The cost is a $10 minimum donation (per person) to the Edward O. Wilson Biodiversity Fellowship program at The University of Alabama.

Proceeds will support the Edward O. Wilson Endowed Biodiversity Fellowship program at UA.  Established by Wilson, the program provides support to young scientists conducting field work in biodiversity throughout Alabama.

Speakers and Presenters

Masters of Ceremonies

  • Patrick Byington, Wild South
  • Edward O. Wilson Fellows: Mike Kendrick, Scotty DePriest, and Samantha Perkins, College of Arts and Sciences, The University of Alabama

Featured Speakers

  • Mark Bailey, Naturalist and Author
  • Thomas Bice, Superintendent of Education
  • Herb Boschung, Emeritus Professor of the UA Department of Biological Sciences and a Former Classmate of E.O. Wilson
  • Sara Bright, Butterfly Author
  • Bill Finch, Naturalist and Author
  • Bobby Humphrey, Freshwater Land Trust
  • Bishop Heron Johnson, Faith Apostolic Church
  • Maggie Johnston, Environmental Education Association of Alabama
  • Bernie Kuhajda, Tennessee Aquarium
  • Paulette Haywood Ogard, Butterfly Author
  • Jimmy and Sierra Stiles, Ecologists
  • Dr. Edward O. Wilson


“Alabama’s Biodiversity: Inspiring a New Century of Discovery” is presented by the following organizations: